Natural and Artificial Stone Materials

Chair of the section: Inta Vītiņa
Address:  Azenes street 14, Riga, LV-1048
Phone: +371 67089140
Fax: +371 67615765

Specialists from the Centre for Conservation and Restoration of Stone Materials of the Institute of Silicate Materials and scientists, researchers and professionals that works in the field of research of stone materials and restoration of Cultural Heritage Monuments are united in this section.

Area of competence:

  • natural stone and stone works (building stones, art works);
  • inorganic binders (lime, Roman cement, Portland cement, gypsum), mortars, renders, plasters, architectonic details;
  • others silicate material products (building ceramic, concrete, reinforced concrete);
  • mineral raw materials (dolomite, limestone, gypsum, boulders, clay, sand, gravel);
  • corrosion processes of silicate materials and durability (impact of water soluble salts and moisture, negative impact of climate, environmental pollution, man-caused factors);
  • maintenance and conservation/restoration of Cultural Heritage Monuments.


  • investigation of silicate materials, inorganic binders and mineral raw materials (chemical/mineralogical composition, granulometry, physical/mechanical properties, durability tests);
  • investigation of corrosion processes (analyses of corrosion products, evaluation and diagnosis of corrosion intensity and causes, evaluation of impact during exploitation);
  • research and elaboration of technology of production and use of inorganic binders;
  • evaluation of conformity of mineral raw materials for conservation/restoration works,
  • elaboration and test of composition adequate to authentic material, test of materials and products used in conservation/restoration;
  • consultations, expertises and recommendations related to the area of competence;
  • elaboration of methodology of conservation/restoration and maintenance;
  • supervision of conservation/restoration and maintenance works;
  • theoretical and practical training of new specialists (B.Sc. M.Sc.,

 Main works:

  • Riga Brethren’s Cemetery, Riga Cathedral, Monument to Freedom – investigation of historical materials and corrosion processes, elaboration of restoration methodology, test of physical properties of restoration materials;
  • Cesu, Raunas and Bauskas ruins, Triangular Bastion in Riga, Daugavgrivas fortress – investigation of historical mortars, renders and plasters, investigation of corrosion processes, elaboration of restoration materials conforming to authentic materials;
  • research projects “Corrosion and evaluation of reinforced concrete structures of bridges” and “Use of corrosion causing control criterion for reinforced concrete structures”;
  • research project „Destructive Impact of Polluted Environment on Stone Materials of Architectural Monuments and their rehabilitation”;
  • research „Salt on Riga’s streets and its destructive impact”;
  • international UN/ECE program „Impact on Materials, involving heritage Monuments”, 2005-2006;
  • project EVK4-CT-2001-00044 MULTI-ASSESS – Model for multi-pollutant impact and assessment of threshold levels for cultural heritage, 2002 – 2005;
  • project EVK4-CT-2001-00055 BIOBRUSH – Bioremediation for Building Restoration of the Urban Stone Heritage, 2002 – 2004.

 Collaboration partners:

  • The State Inspection for Heritage Protection
  • University of Latvia Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences
  • National History Museum of Latvia Department of Restoration
  • Riga Municipal Agency “Rīgas pieminekļu aģentūra”
  • Ltd “Arhitektoniskās Izpētes grupa” (architectonic research, design)
  • Ltd “Slēgakmens” (restoration, research, elaboration of methodology)
  • Ltd “Milos Gavenda” (Czech Republic, restoration)