Latvian Concrete Association

Latvian Concrete Association is established in 7th march, 1995. It is a professional non-governmental organization which unites individuals and legal bodies in order to promote concrete and reinforced concrete science, engineering and technology development and deployment.

Chair of the section: Genādijs Šahmenko
Address: Ķīpsalas iela 6A-261, 343, Rīga, LV-1048
Phone: +371 29160832 (G. Šahmenko), +371 29151884 (V.A. Lapsa), +371 26467094 (R. Cepurītis)
e-mail: genadijs.sahmenko(at)
Facebook:  Latvian concrete association


  • Promote concrete and reinforced concrete science, engineering and technology development.
  • Support research in concrete and reinforced concrete science.
  • Ensure appropriate adaptation of construction standards in Latvia. Maintain these standards with scientific progress and technological development.
  • Support student learning and practical training of specialists in concrete science and engineering.
  • Collaborate with familial nature Latvian and foreign organizations.
  • Take readings, organize regular scientific-technical conferences and publish in Latvian and foreign trade press.
  • Consult concrete and reinforced concrete manufacturers, designers, construction companies and individual technologists, read specialized lectures.
  • Perform studies, monitoring and assessment of buildings, structures, constructions, and their projects. Give conclusions on the situation and make the appropriate recommendations to their appropriate organization.

Association structure

Latvian Concrete Association (LCA) is a part of Latvian Materials Research Society (LMRS) with its own statutory rights and obligations. Between elections and reports it is managed by its board. Between board meetings it is managed by its chairman or his deputy. Chair of LCA is LMRS board member, and rest of LCA members are also members of LMRS.

LCA Board:

  • Genādijs Šahmenko, Chairman of the Board, RTU, senior researcher
  • Rolands Cepurītis, Vice-chairman of the Board, Primekss Ltd.
  • Videvuds  Ārijs Lapsa, RTU, State Emeritus scientist
  • Andrejs Krasņikovs, Vice-prezident of Latvian Academy of Sciences, RTU professor
  • Leonīds Jākobsons, Chief Executive Officer of the Building Material Manufacturers Association
  • oec. Jānis Ošlejs Primekss Ltd., Chief Executive Officer
  • Jānis Zāle CEMEX Ltd., Head of Concrete and Inert Material Production
  • Artūrs Lukašenoks, MB Betons Ltd., Technical Director

Members of association

  • Individual members – professionals who work in concrete and reinforced concrete scientific research, engineering, manufacturing on construction sector. Students who are studying in related sector may also participate.
  • Corporate members – Latvian concrete and reinforced concrete manufacturers, construction companies, construction design companies, manufacturers of concrete binders and chemical components, technological equipment designers, research institutions, test laboratories. Member employees of these have the same rights as individual members of LCA.


LCA cooperates with concrete and reinforced concrete manufacturing companies, construction companies, engineering organizations, and scientific-research organizations working in construction science and materials. Daily cooperation with RTU Concrete Mechanics Laboratory, Department of Building materials and products. Form of cooperation – scientific and technical information exchange, joint projects, maintenance and licensing agreements, consultancy.

LCA also cooperates with the Latvian Economic Ministry Building Department, Latvian Inventors Association, Latvian Association of Civil Engineers, Building Materials Manufacturer Association of Latvia and Latvian Association of Builders.

Foreign cooperation is accomplished with scientific and technical information exchange with concrete associations abroad.


LCA is organizing technical and scientific conferences, as well as a separate specialized conferences of specialized and narrow concrete topics for professional and public debate.

On a regular basis, usually during conferences, LCA is holding annual “Concrete Olympiad ‘, i.e. technical sport competitions, which aims to achieve the maximum or exactly defined compressive strength of high performance concrete.

Technical assistance for construction practice

LCA collects and focuses the latest research and patent information of the industry. Its members carry out scientific research in concrete science, as well semi-industrial experiments with the concrete manufacturers and construction companies, in order to bring research results to industrial technical solutions – in structures, materials and technological processes.

LCA consults regularly concrete and reinforced concrete producers, technologists, customers and construction companies providing thematic lectures, as well as the technical condition assessment (including non-destructive methods) buildings, structures, materials and projects, as well as develop technological advice of conformity of Latvian and EU building codes.


LCA has active individual and corporate members – concrete and reinforced concrete manufacturers and users – construction companies and designers. According to the Statute of the LCA employees of these companies are also included: ~ 75 specialists who actively participates in the work of LCA. Recent annual conferences, were attended by experts from the Latvia, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Syria, Slovakia, Estonia, Norway and Luxembourg.

Latvian Concrete Olympics also were organized as a port of conference. In XI Olympiad Latvian record of concrete average compressive strength was achieved – 418.2 MPa by RTU Faculty of Civil Engineering Master of Engineering students Jānis Justs and Nikolajs Toropovs.