Head of the Section: Reinis Drunka
RTU institute Of Inorganic Chemistry
Phone: 28356629

1. The main activities

This section links together scientists and researchers who are focused on the nanopowders and use of the technical ceramics, and preparation of nanostructured materials:

  • Preparation of nanopowders and their characteristics;
  • Special technical ceramic and nanostructured materials;
  • Ultra-disperse and refractory materials.


  • Testing and evaluation of properties for nanomaterials ceramics and powders;
  • Consultancy and technical assistance for nanomaterials manufacturers;
  • Expertise services.

2. Producers

  • A/S„NEOMAT”,
  • SIA „Plazma, Keramika, Tehnoloģija”,

 3. Research institutions

  • RTU aģentūra „RTU Neorganiskās ķīmijas institūts”,;
  • RTU Silikātu materiālu institūts,;
  • LU Cietvielu fizikas institūts,;
  • RTU Biomedicīnas inženierzinātņu un nanotehnoloģiju institūts;
  • LU Ķīmiskās fizikas institūts;
  • LU Mikroskopijas un nanotehnoloģiju centrs.

 4. Participation in projects

  • EUROSTARS E!6237 project “Development of Series Production Technology of Faceted Cutting Inserts based on Ceramic Nano-Composites using FAST/SPS Method (SeProFAST)”
  • Collaborative project “LONGLIFE” under the Seventh Framework Program (grant agreement No: 280741) started. The aim of project is development of advanced multifunctional zirconia ceramics for long-lasting implants
  • ERAF project “Nanostructured catalysts and technologies for biodiesel production”
  • LZP grant Nr. 327/2012 “Boron containing nanopowder synthesis in plasma and material production in spark plasma process”
  • ESF project„ Elaboration of new methods of receiving of refractory nanopowders compounds and nanostructural composite materials”, Nr. 2009/0215/1DP/
  • Space Technology Claster