Glass materials

Chair of the section: Janīna Sētiņa
Address: Azenes street 14, Riga, LV-1048
Phone: +371 67089257;
Fax: +371 67615765;

Lines of action

Section combines research staff and production specialists employed in dealing with:

  • glass fibers (E-type glass, glass with high silica content and optical quartz glass fibers);
  • various glassware (glass insulation materials, glass construction, including different glass elements);
  • studies of glass and crystalline glass materials.


Working with glassware manufacturers in Latvia:

JSC Valmiera Fiberglass, in the following studies:

  • fiberglass malformation causes and prevention options
  • glass-fiber felt insulation parameter studies
  • Use of eco-friendly materials of glass melting,
  • reducing emissions of the glass melting process.

LLC “GroGlass” – SiO2, TiO2 nano coating on glass with magnetron sputtering. Study of physical and chemical properties of coated glass with high light transmission.

LLC “N-Light” – Improvement of optical fiber optic properties.

Glass recycling problem solving – in collaboration with JSC “ECO Investors”, physical and chemical properties of recycled glass plates were tested

Section members are active participants in JSC Inspecta Latvia

Other activities

Identification and summary of regulatory documents – Glass in construction.

Adaptation of European standard “Glass in construction building” for Latvian standard.

Presentations at conferences and congresses – regular participation with papers in international glass congresses, European conferences, and EUROMAT conferences.