Chair of the section: Dr. sc. ing. Kristīne Šalma-Ancāne
Address: Pulka iela 3, Riga, LV-1007
Phone: +371 67089605;
e-mail: Kristīne.Šalma-Ancāne(at)


Medical implants

  • Hydroxyapatite ceramics with adjustable degree of biological activity and porosity;
  • Calcium phosphate glass ceramics and composites;
  • Polymer 3D structured bone cements, modified with biological activity improving additives;
  • Medicine immobilization inside of materials and controlled drug reliese.


Tissue engineering

  • Cell foundations (scaffolds) based on calcium phosphate and titane oxide ceramics;
  • Biofunctionalization of material structure and surface.
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Ecologic materials

  • Innovative energy efficient materials for water treatment technologies;
  • Hydroxyapatite based sorbents, natural sorbents, including those based on cellular tissues;
  • Selective hydroxyapatite and ionite protein sorbents.