Polymer materials

Chair of the section: Remo Merijs-Meri
Address: Paula Valdena Str.3, LV-1048

Lines of action

  • polymers, properties and technology thereof;
  • polymer composites and nano-composites, properties and technology thereof;
  • organic coatings, properties and technology thereof;
  • material recycling and ecology;
  • polymer, coating and composite testing.

Current events

International Conferences and Events

  • Organization and participation in annual international Baltic polymer symposium;
  • Organization and participation in international conference “Mechanics of Composite Materials” (every two years).

Service offerings

  •      Testing and evaluation of properties for polymers, composites, and organic coatings;
  •      consultancy and technical assistance for Latvian polymer material manufacturers;
  •      expertise services.

Contacts and partners


  • LAS Institute of polymer mechanics;
  • LAS institute of wood chemistry;
  • LAS Institute of microbiology;
  • LAS institute of solid state physics;
  • Latvian Building Materials Manufacturers Association;
  • Latvian Window and Door Industry Association.


  • Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania);
  • University of Kassel (Germany);
  • Materials Science Institute of Madrid (Spain);
  • Szczecin University of Technology  (Poland);
  • Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia);
  • Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (Finland).

LMRS polymer material and coating unit is represented in:

  • AS Inspecta Latvia;
  • Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) department “Ekspertīze”
  • Building Materials Technical Committee.