An excerpt from Statutes

Latvian Materials Research Society (LMRS) was established in 1994.  It is a public, independent, creative, professional organization, that unites individuals who are specialized in material development, research, production, use and training of specialists in field of material research.

2nd chapter. Aims of the LMRS.

2.1. Aims of the LMRS are:
2.1.1. unite individuals of various specialties for collaborative and creative work in material research and engineering, also for training new specialists;
2.1.2. organize collaboration of scientists, industry and consumers;
2.1.3. organize exchange of information about latest achievements and trends in materials research in Latvia and the rest of the World;
2.1.4. provide theoretical and practical assistance in quality assurance and conformity assessment of materials;
2.1.5. participate in training and skills development of new specialists;
2.1.6. promote conservation and research of material research science heritage;
2.1.7. defend society member professional interests, including copyrights;
2.1.8. encourage improvement of material technological and ecological characteristics;
2.1.9. organize international and local scientific conferences and seminars.

Society work is organized in multiple sections.