Structure of LMRS

Work is organized in multiple sections and one public organization – Latvian Concrete Association.

Latvian Concrete Association
Chair: Videvuds Lapsa
Phone: +371 67089296; +371 29151884;
e-mail: valapsa(at)

Chair of the section: Dr. sc. ing. Kristīne Šalma-Ancāne
Phone: +371 67089605;
e-mail: Kristīne.Šalma-Ancāne(at)

Construction ceramics, inorganic binders
Chair of the section: Ruta Švinka
Phone: +371 67615560
e-mail: svinka(at)

Natural and Artificial Stone Materials
Chair of the section: Dr. sc. ing. Inta Kiriloviča
Phone: +371 67089140
e-mail: inta.kirilovica(at)

Wood and paper
Chair of the section: Viesturs Zeltiņš
Phone: +371 67545111
e-mail: koks(at)

Metallic materials
Chair of the section: Viktors Mironovs
Phone: +371 67089270; +371 29146944
e-mail: viktors.mironovs(at)

Chair of the section: Dr. phys. Pāvels Onufrijevs
Phone: +371 67089160;
e-mail: onufrijevs(at)

Polymer materials and coatings
Chair of the section: Laimonis Mālers
Phone: +371 67089219
e-mail: laimis(at)

Engineering ceramics and nanomaterials
Chair of the section: Reinis Drunka
Phone: +371 28356629;
e-mail: reinis.drunka(at)

Glass materials
Chair of the section: Inna Juhņēviča
Phone: +371 67089257;
Fax: +371 67615765;
e-mail: innaju(at)